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 What do I need to fully automate my garden?

Published : 05/11/2016 14:14:38
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The number one question we get on Growtronix sales calls is “What should I buy?” or more common “I want a full control system to do everything. What do I need?”. These are very difficult questions to answer. Every facility is different. We have customers in small closets and others in 150k square foot spaces.  These growers will obviously have completely different automation needs. That said even two growers with the same amount of grow space will have drastically different automation goals. And if you call in with that question, those are the questions you'll be asked “What are your automation goals? and "What are you hoping to accomplish?”.  Answering these questions will answer the question of “What should I buy?”.


Every Growtronix system starts with a Growtronix Base System. The base system includes a Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor and a Controllable Outlet Unit (that has two independently controllable outlets). Also included is the Growtronix software suite and the Network Interface Module that connects between the computer and the Growtronix hardware. Once you have the base system you select the add-on hardware to meet your goals. If you want to monitor CO2, pH and TDS in your flowering room you'd add those sensors to the base system. If you also wanted to monitor (and control) Temperature, Humidity and CO2 in another room, you'd simply add those sensors and enough controllable outlet units to control the equipment in the space (Lights, Ventilation, Irrigation pumps, CO2 Tank/Burner, Humidifier, etc.).


From there other decisions need to be made. Will you not just monitor the nutrient solution but also control it? Will you just maintain it or fully control draining and filling the reservoir and making up the nutrient solution? If so you'll need a number of dosing pumps and possibly float sensors to manage your nutrient system. There are many ways to control nutrient systems.  You're not locked into one engineers idea of how it should be done. The various Growtronix sensors and controls provide the tools to put together a custom automation system that is geared towards your particular automation goals. This is a very important aspect to consider. With other systems you must follow their preset methods of controls with very little control over how it works. There is the benefit with that type of system in that you don't really have to (or get to) decide how the control is going to operate. With Growtronix you need to decide what is optimal (or emulate another successful grower) based on your particular set of requirements.


Once you have a list of the hardware that you'll need to meet your automation goals you'll need to consider two important aspects, cable length and power requirements. The Power Injector page on the website explains the power needs of the various hardware types and when a power injector is needed. Another product that is sometimes needed is the Add-on Network Interface Module. This device creates another chain of hardware and can allow for very large installations. These are useful in a large space with a large number of rooms or a large number of hardware items. The product page for the Add-on Network Interface Module goes into the specifics.


Finally you'll need cables to hook everything together. The Growtronix system uses standard cat5e network cables. While we do offer cables for sale, we only carry a limited number of lengths. We recommend They provide nearly every length you could need and the prices are very reasonable with low shipping costs.


Setting up a Growtronix system is easy and intuitive but we are always available to help you decide what to purchase. With a list of your automation goals and some specifics about your space we can put together a list of recommended items to allow you to achieve your automation goals so that you can focus on growing the highest quality product with the highest yield possible.





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