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  • CO2 Sensor
    CO2 Sensor

    Elevating CO2 levels in your growing...

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    Monitoring and controlling pH has never been easier! The importance of controlling pH in an indoor garden can't be overstated. The pH of the nutrient solution determines how available the nutrients are to the plants. Too high and several nutrients are unavailable, too low and several other nutrients become unavailable. 

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    Controlling the nutrient solution is one of the most challenging and time consuming chores in an indoor garden. The Growtronix Conductivity/TDS and Temperature sensor makes it easy.

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    Elevating CO2 levels in your growing area is an easy way to maximize your harvest. For plants CO2 is food. There is CO2 in the air that plants use but raising the levels makes your plants grow as quickly as their genetics will allow. Our CO2 Sensor reads levels between 0-5000 PPM. 

    $349.00 $399.00
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items