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Articles specific to the Growtronix system

3 articles in the categorie Growtronix Specific

  • Understanding Growtronix network power requirements
    Published : 05/21/2019 14:06:24 | Categories : Growtronix Specific

    The Growtronix system can supports hundreds of sensors and controls. However special considerations should be taken when building a larger system.

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  •  What do I need to fully automate my garden?
    Published : 05/11/2016 14:14:38 | Categories : Growtronix Specific

    The number one question we get on Growtronix sales calls is “What should I buy?” or more common “I want a full control system to do everything. What do I need?”.

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  • How Growtronix Works
    Published : 06/22/2015 01:50:50 | Categories : Growtronix Specific

    The Growtronix system can monitor nearly every aspect of an indoor garden. This article explains the basics of a Growtronix system.

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