Growtronix is an ALL IN ONE Grow Facility Controller



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Industrial Solutions for Automated Cultivation

Control from Anywhere

Always know what is going on in your grow area connect from any smartphone, PC, Mac, Tablet, Smart TV or any other modern device that has a web browser

Advanced Analytics

Build a variety of charts, view analytic reports, calculate energy use and costs.

Alerts & Notifications

Be alerted as soon as a problem is detected Receive text message and email alerts. So you are keeping an eye on things 24/7

Flexible Scheduling

Control all environmental aspects including nutrient recipes from week to week or even day to day.

Advanced Sensors

Monitor every aspect of your operation. Temperature, Humidity, CO2, pH, TDS/EC and more

Irrigation Automation

Automate your irrigation with advanced scheduling. Options for soil moisture sensor control and evaluation of watering needs along with comprehensive charting features that provide the knowledge to make good decisions

HVAC and Dehumidifier Control

Easily control HVAC and Dehumidifier systems intelligently 

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Complete Climate Controller

Hydroponics Controller
Environmental Controller
Temperature Controller
Humidity Controller
CO2 Controller
pH and EC / TDS controller
Reservoir Temperature Controller
Reservoir Level Controller
Security System
Flood Detection and Alert System
Fogger Controller
Irrigation Controller
Ebb and Flow table Controller
Time lapse movie creator
DWC Level Controller
Deep Water Culture Controller
Cycle Timer(s)
Lighting Controller
Atmospheric Controller
Long Term data logger with advanced graphing
Control MULTIPLE growing areas from one system

Control Every Aspect of your Facility

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Temperature Sensors
Humidity Sensors
CO2 Sensors
pH Sensors
EC / TDS Sensors
ORP Sensors
Reservoir Temp Sensors
Light Detectors
PAR Light Sensors
Soil Temperature Sensors
Flood Detectors
Smoke Detectors
Water Level Sensors
Door / Window Sensors
Motion Detectors
IP / Web Cams
Analog Inputs
Water Flow Sensor

Sensors for every need

Hardware Items Sold
Years In Business
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Advanced Analytics


Min, Max and Average readings for sensors
Total time ON and time OFF for all outlets
Shows Total Kilowatt Hours (KWH) for outputs
Calculates Electrical Costs for each output
Calculates total electrical cost
Write and save notes and comments
Store images for each day
Builds and Display averages charts
Builds and Display Charts
Grow Room Timer (Keeps track of days in bloom)

Dosing Pumps

Growtronix Dosing pumps can be utilized for precision nutrient management. Nutrients and pH adjusters can automatically be added to maintain the current schedules set points.

Any Size Tank

Whether it's 50 gallons or 50,000, The Growtronix system can automate every aspect of the irrigation system

Wide Array of Sensors

That Monitor and Control

Water Flow Rate
Tank Water Level

Water Temperature Control

Utilize temperature readings to control water chillers and maintain the perfect nutrient temperature 24/7.

Pump Control

Accurately control pumps for irrigation and circulation. Extremely flexible controls allow pumps and other equipment to be controlled in an easy and intuitive way

Solenoid Control

Easily control solenoid valves for routing irrigation water to the appropriate location.

Nutrient Management