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Does the Ritz-Carlton’s New Indoor Farm Mean that Indoor Ag is Here to Stay?

Published : 11/01/2015 16:28:31
Categories : General Growing


A few weeks ago, The Ritz-Carlton, Naples hotel in Florida did something unusual for the high-end hospitality industry: it started farming.

But perhaps not farming in the obvious sense. The hotel has constructed an on-site indoor hydroponic vertical growing system inside a repurposed shipping container. Dubbed “The Grow House”, the farm will produce a large portion of the greens that the hotel serves at its restaurants, from romaine lettuce, cilantro and arugula, to spinach, cabbage and assorted micro-greens.

Using a 44-foot Williamson Greenhouses trailer, and a sensory grow room controller software system by Growtronix, the hotel’s head chef George Fistrovich has found that sourcing fresh, local, and organic greens is not only possible for hotels and restaurants, but relatively simple.

“With The Grow House, the computer takes care of everything. It’s not that complicated—and you don’t have to worry about the elements, which are farmers’ biggest challenge,” Fistrovich told AgFunderNews.

Using temperature control and hydroponics, The Grow House can produce 30,000 heads of lettuce per year. It uses roughly 10 kilowatts of power, and eight gallons of water per day. According to Fistrovich, the current growing cycle of his operation runs between 28-32 days from seed to full-grown plant.

“It’s the perfect environment for growing lettuce,” says Fistrovich. “Especially considering that we are growing lettuce in Florida during August when it’s 105 degrees outside with 90 percent humidity.”

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