Flood / Leak Detector

Flood / Leak Detector

Flood / Leak Detector
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The Flood/Leak Detector is a sensor no hydroponic grower should go without. It is capable of detecting 1/16" of water. The Growtronix software can be setup to turn off pumps or close valves and/or send you a email or text message to your cellphone. We have received some great stories of this sensor saving people from a lot of grief. We highly recommend this sensor if you run a hydroponic system.



Common Uses

 Use this wherever a flood could occur. The system can be setup to turn off any pumps which maybe causing the flood and/or send a text message to a cellphone. Being able to turn off a pump which is feeding a flood can be the difference between a small clean up and a big and potentially costly one.

Use it in your basement - We've had reports of customers using our flood sensors in their basement and having the software control the sump pump, not really related to the grow but apparently useful if you need such a service.

On thing to note is that the Leak Sensor should not be used to detect the level in a flood tray or reservoir. After a flood is detected it could be several minutes (or much more if submerged for a long period of time) after being removed from the flood water that the sensor will respond with a steady "Dry" reading. 

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