Filtered Humidity and VPD Sensor

Filtered Humidity and VPD Sensor

Filtered Humidity and VPD Sensor
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The Humidity Sensor is a relative humidity (%RH) sensor with on board temperature compensation. It is filtered so that it can be used in condensing environments. In addition to the Humidity reading, the Growtronix software also uses this sensor to calculate the dew point temperature and VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit). As with all Growtronix Sensors, the sensor value can be used to preform actions such as turning on a fan or dehumidifier and/or sending a text message to alert of a high or low humidity levels.


Parameter Value
RH% Range 0-100% RH
Accuracy ±3%
Resolution .1% RH


Common Uses

Humidity Controller - Control over humidity is an important part of having the perfect growing environment. Growtronix Controllable Outlets can be setup to control humidifiers or misting systems and or dehumidifier to maintain optimal humidity levels. It can be setup to maintain different humidity levels for day and night. Or more simply the system can be setup to turn on the exhaust system if the humidity gets above the desired level. 

High Humidity Alert - If the ventilation or dehumidifier stops working the area can get very humid very quickly. The system can send an alert via text message or email if this were to occur.

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