Door and Window Sensor

Door and Window Sensor

Door and Window Sensor
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This sensor is fairly self explanatory, It lets the software know whether a door or window is open or closed. It detects this through a standard alarm sensor. The part of the sensor which extends from the unit is attached on one side of the door and the other module (an enclosed magnet) is attach on the other side. If the gap between these two modules is more than about 1" the software is told that it is open.


Common Uses




Used to protect a door or window - In software when a door or window is opened the system can be setup to send a text message alert to a cellphone or email, turn on a light, sound a siren, save a picture(s) from a IP or USB Cam

A more obscure use of the door and window sensor is used as a secret key. The magnetic portion of the sensor can be embedded in an object for example in a book. The base of the sensor can be placed in a book shelf. As long as the book is within proximity of the sensor, the software will see it as closed. It could then be setup so that when the book is removed a mag-lock door is automatically unlocked by the Growtronix software for an effective secret entrance. For info on how to control a mag-lock see our switch module. One of our customers setup just this type of system to unlock a secret shelf door.

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