Dual Power Supply Relay

Dual Power Supply Relay

Dual Power Supply Relay
Product Code: GT-3-02
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This unit allows for a low voltage power supply to be switched on and off at it's two outputs. Each output is independantly controllable in the Growtronix software. For example you could plug in a 12v power supply into the input then plug the output into a 12v solenoid valve to be able to control (open and close) the valve. This product is commonly used to control our peristaltic pumps. 

Max Current: 1 Amp
Max Voltage: 48 Volts
Input Connector: 2.1mm (ID)Power Jack
Output Connector: 2.1mm (ID) Power Plug

Cables are longer then the image shows. They are actually 1 ft. long.
A power supply is not included with this product because the power supply that you'll use is dependant upon the requirement. 
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