Power Injector

Power Injector

Power Injector
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The power injector is used to add a fresh power supply for "downstream" sensors and controls to utilize. The power injector adds 750mA of usable power.

Most sensors only use approximately 8-15mA each. Exceptions are listed below:

pH Sensor : 65mA
TDS/Conductivity : 140mA
CO2 Sensor : 190mA

Controllable Power Outlets : 60mA each outlet (they only use power when outlet is turned on)
Power Supply Relay Module : 60mA each output (only uses power when output is turned on)
Switch Module: Depends on load, module can provide up to 100mA
Dosing Pump : 20mA
(it only uses power when pump is turned on) 

Note: The base systems have a power injector that is built into the Network Interface Module. An Add-on Network Interface also has a power injector built in. It should be noted that the power injector does not boost the data signal in anyway. We recommend only one power injector per network. If you need to add more or if you need additional cable length the Add-on Network Interface Module is the best option. 

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