10-55mL/minute Dosing Pump

10-55mL/minute Dosing Pump

10-55mL/minute Dosing Pump
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The new dosing pump has been completely redesigned. This pump features a built in controller, so that the unit can plug directly into the Growtronix network. No longer is there a need to have a controllable outlet or a relay module to control the pump. The pump includes a new fail safe feature. The bottom dial on the units set the maximum time that the pump will stay on for. For example if it's set to 1 minute, if Growtronix turns on the pump but for any reason does not turn it off the pump will automatically turn off after one minute. Growtronix must first turn the pump off before it can be turned on again. And again when turned back on it will only stay on for the time period that is set. The timer feature is quite accurate and can also be used for more exact dosing. Time periods available is 10, 20, and 30 seconds, 1, 3,5,10 and 60 minutes and infinity. With the inifinity setting the pump will never automatically turn off and will turn on and off always based on what Growtronix indicates. These pump feature chemical resistant tubing that can handle pH up and down along with nearly all liquid nutrients. 

Gain full automation of your reservoir using the variable output dosing pumps. You can have the Growtronix system create full nutrient batches where the system adds exact amount of nutrients and automatically adjusts the pH of the nutrient solution. The system can also be setup to maintain the nutrient levels and keep the pH in check. 

This unit includes a power supply. 

Another advantage of this item is that it only uses 10mA of power from the Growtronix network. 

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