Float Sensor - Vertical Mount

Float Sensor - Vertical Mount

Float Sensor - Vertical Mount
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The float sensor allows for monitoring the water/nutrient level of the reservoir and can be utilized in many ways. Anything from total control of a reservoir by using Growtronix Controllable Power Outlets to turn on pumps when the reservoir is low to just a simple text message letting you know that the reservoir is running low. With proper setup complete reservoir maintenance and control is a reality. Remote reservoir changes are also possible. 

Common Uses

Used to maintain the level in a reservoir - The software can be setup so that when the float sensor goes to the DOWN position a pump is switched on until the float sensor returns to the UP position

Used to alert of low (or high) level in the reservoir - When the float goes to the DOWN position a text message or email alert can be sent or a sound file can be played to alert you of the problem.

Used in a dehumidifier or portable air conditioner to alert of a full tank - When installed in the drainage reservoir of a dehumidifier or air conditioner a text message alert or email can be sent alerting you of the need to empty the tank or have the software switch open a valve or turn on a pump to remove the water.

Used in a DWC bucket system - The float sensors can be installed inside of a master control bucket on a DWC hydroponic system which controls a pump that maintains the level in the buckets. Some customers install several sensors in both the top and bottom of the bucket. Which allows for quite advanced watering schedules and sequences. For example we've had positive reports of using the system to recirculate / redistribute the water through the bucket system several times a day while still maintaining the level at the same time. With the Growtronix system these types of advanced water systems are both very effective and easy to setup

Used to control flood and drain tables - The system can be setup so that every so often (as you set) the tables are flooded until the mounted float sensors respond that they are in the UP position the pumps are then turned off and after the set amount of time the process repeats. There are also the advanced options to only water when the lights are ON or 20 minutes after the lights turn on or every other day or even something a bit unorthodox such every tuesday at noon. The options are endless.

Low level return - There are hydroponic systems where growers are usually required to sink the reservoir into the ground since the plants are grown large they need all the vertical space available. The systems are usually designed to feed from the top and drain from the bottom using gravity. If you can't sink your reservoir it becomes difficult to have a large reservoir since your limited to using low lying reservoirs. This can be solved by setting up an intern reservoir which has a pump plugged into a Growtronix controllable relay outlet which send water back to the main reservoir. The software can be setup so that when the float sensor reports the UP position it switches on the pumps to pump the nutrient solution back to the main reservoir (Which then sends it back to the plants).

Important note: This sensor has a connector that may require soldering in through hole installations. 

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