pH Sensor

pH Sensor

pH Sensor
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Monitoring and controlling pH has never been easier! The importance of controlling pH in an indoor garden can't be overstated. The pH of the nutrient solution determines how available the nutrients are to the plants. Too high and several nutrients are unavailable, too low and several other nutrients become unavailable. Lack of proper pH will reveal itself as nutrient deficiencies. The novice grower will be completely frustrated because the nutrient stength is at the recommended levels but the plants continue to shows signs of having a deficiency. So the grower increases the nutrient strength in an attempt to resolve the issue which only causes more problems now having both a nutrient deficiency AND being overfertilized of any nutrients that continue to be available at the less than ideal pH. As the saying goes, "Knowing is half the battle". With the Growtronix system your pH data is monitored and logged constantly, You have access to charts that display the pH readings over time. You can also be alerted immediately by text or email if the pH becomes less than ideal. With a Growtronix Dosing Pump you can have the system maintain the perfect pH. 

This sensor does not have a built in temperature sensor. However any other installed temperature sensor can be used to temperature compensate the readings. 

Double junction pH eletrode is included

Range : 2-13 pH
Resolution : 0.1 pH
Accuracy:  +/- 0.1pH
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