Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector
Product Code: GT-2-06
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The Smoke Detector is a silent photoelectric smoke detector with a Growtronix Interface. The Sensor can be used as a last line of defense against fire. The Growtronix software can be setup to turn off all power to the relays, send a text message and/ or Play a sound file.

Important Notice: The smoke detector is not manufactured by Growtronix. The interface to the Growtronix system and the unit as a whole has not been tested by any testing authority. As such it can not be considered fail safe and should not be relied upon as a life saving and/or property saving device. The device is labeled for novelty use only. By purchasing and using this device you agree to install a certified smoke detector in the same location as the Growtronix smoke detector and you acknowledge that it is not to be a life saving or property saving device.

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