Growtronix Base System

Growtronix Base System

Growtronix Base System
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The Growtronix Automation System allows for precision control over every aspect of the growing environment. The base system is a starting point, it contains all the essential hardware and software for setting up a basic control system.

  • Ability to add up to 512 additional add-on hardware items
  • Advanced Control Options to control every aspect of your rooms from a single controller
  • Control multiple rooms, reservoirs, and growing areas
  • Free Grow Journal (Calculates sensor averages, electrical usage, stores notes, pictures and more)
  • Time Lapse Movie Maker
  • Advanced Charting System
  • Remote Access from PC
  • Cellphone Remote Access
  • Text Message Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • Security System options
System Includes:
Growtronix Software Suite
Network Interface Module (Communicates between the software and hardware)
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Controllable power outlets unit (provides the software control of 2 devices)
While we probably don't need to mention this the Smartphone and Tablet are not included

Important information you must know before buying a Growtronix System

PC Requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium III or compatible at 800 MHz or higher
RAM: 1 GB minimum, 2 GB recommended
Disk Space: 420 MB minimum
Display: Display resolution optimized for 1024x768.  If such resolution is not available, the product may still be used but will require scrolling to view all parts of the user interface.
OS: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2008, Vista, XP, Server 2003
A Serial Port is required. A USB to Serial Adapter can be used to add a serial port to a computer/laptop that does not have one built in. We highly recommend this unit : Many common USB to serial adapters may not work properly.

Many Digital Ballasts / e-ballasts on the market emit extremely high levels of electrical interference. This interference can cause a problem with Growtronix data communications. Many digital ballasts work fine while others cause a problem.  If the digital ballasts cause a problem shielded cable can be used to block the interference. Please note standard ballasts do not cause any problems.
The Growtronix system uses standard unshielded cat5 cables to connect all of the hardware. The system supports up to 100 feet of total cable length. Shielded cables can be used but the total cable length supported is reduced to 50 feet. If you need to go beyond this the Add-on Network Interface Module can be used to create another network which itself can have up to 100 feet of total cable length.

The Growtronix system is an advanced control system. If you are not comfortable working with computers, the Growtronix system probably isn't well suited for you.
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