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8/4/14 - We've released the next version of the Growtronix software and it's a BIG one!  We're introducing the Growtronix web client. This provides full functionality from any smartphone, tablet, PC or any other modern web enabled device. The entire design is responsive which means it looks great on any size device. This will be one of the last versions to include the traditional windows based client. 

New Features Include:

Sensors now have built in High and Low Reading Alerts (click on sensor and select alerts)
CO2 Sensors now have elevation correction. 
Beta Release features of the new Web Client :

      Includes nearly all of the features found in the windows client
      Responsive Design for viewing on various screen sizes (smartphone, tablet, desktop etc)
      Auto-updating. As new versions of the web client are released they are automatically installed.
      Open source. All of the web client files are plain text and allow for modification
      Improved camera viewer
      Grow Journal: 
            Separates Night and Day min, max and average values
            Displays binary sensors information
            Nearly instant viewing of the data
            Ability to add pictures directly from a cellphone or tablet's camera

1/27/2014 - The Growtronix system now has the potential to get a whole lot bigger! With the addition of the Add-on Network Interface Module the system can potentially support up to 512 hardware items. Up to 15 Add-on Network Interface Modules can be added to a base system. Each can support up to 100' of cable and 32 hardware items. 

10/21/13 - We have released a new and improved version of our dosing pump. The biggest change is that the pump has a built in controller and so it can plug directly into the Growtronix network. No longer do you need a controllable outlet or a power supply relay module to control a pump. The pump features a variable output from 10 to 55 mL per minute. The pump also has a new timer feature that will limit the time that the pump can be turned on for in any one go. For example if it's set to 10 seconds, when Growtronix turns on the pump but for whatever reason does not turn it off it will turn off automatically after 10 seconds. Growtronix first needs to turn it off then on again for the pump to beginning pumping again. This can be used to both provide a fail safe and also to allows for accurate dosing control. 
10/6/13 - This month we celebrate 9 years in business! Despite what any of our competition may claim, we were the first to offer most of the Internet based features in indoor garden automation. For example Email and text message updates and alerts were added in 2004. Despite a competitor who started in 2011 claiming they were the first and only automation system to offer such functionality. We were the first to offer a modular system that offered full room control geared towards indoor gardens. Over the last 9 years we have continued to innovated and have been the first to bring unique ideas and concepts into the market. Many which have been quickly copied by our competition. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. 

3/3/13 - We have released another update to the software. 

Added Support for Voltage Sensor
Added Support for Apogee PAR Sensor Interface Module
Added support for new pH Sensor
Added support for new EC/TDS & Temperature Sensor
Complete overhaul of charting system
Web Server charting overhaul
Added new Sensor Conditions (Sensor is present, Sensor is not present)
Added trend duration option (Dictate period of time that trend is calculated)
Improved manual calibration process for EC/TDS sensors
Various small improvements
    Dialog asks to start Growtronix Client after starting Growtronix Server
    Companion Hardware is now removed together
    Changing the name of a hardware item now changes the database data associated with it
    Ability to remove data for all uninstalled hardware from the database
    Dialog asks to start web server if web server is not running
    Celsius readings displayed properly in web server    
Upgraded database. The database is now significantly faster and supports more functions
Added Chart Utility feature to allow for quickly selecting a date range (last hour, last week etc)

2-24-13 - We are pleased to annouce our new Apogee PAR interface module. Apogee Instruments offers PAR sensors that are much more affordable then other options but just as accurate! Lux and Lumens have little meaning for indoor gardeners, PAR readings represent the actual light that is Photosynthetically Active Radiation. Which means it tell you exactly how much light your plants are getting that they can actually use. 

2/2/12 - We now have a greater output range of peristaltic pumps available for your dosing needs. 
12/29/11 - We have released an international controllable power outlet unit. This unit has universal outlets that accepts power plugs from most countries. We have also introduced international versions of the base systems. These come with the international controllable outlet unit and a country specific power supply.
11/11/11 - We have released version 2.9 of the Growtronix Software. This is an official release.

10/12/11 - We have released beta version 2.8 of the Growtronix Software

This version implements the Growtronix Monitor application. This app runs in the background and has Growtronix Server perform a self test every couple of minutes, if the test is unfavorable the monitor will restart the server. There are other features such as the ability to do a regularly scheduled reboot.
Whats New:
Added Growtronix Monitor support
Improved Error Handling
Improved IP Camera Support. Now uses a custom connection string so that most IP cams are supported
Support for Pan/Tilt with Foscam (and generic foscam) cameras
Changed polling frequency of IO devices (door/window, motion etc) providing a faster response
Web Server overhauled. Now supports guest accounts, shows web cams, improved look and feel, charts, min/max
Internet Temperature and Humidity Sensors. Provide a zipcode and get local weather data
Moisture Sensor directly supported
Feature to dump database to CVS files
View the servers console from the client
Feature to use Growtronix mail servers for message sending
Feature to easily use Gmail account for message sending
Chart utility improvements
And many small changes and improvements
7/5/11 - We have added two new products to the ever growing Growtronix product line. We've added the Power Supply Relay Module. Offering both a single and dual output model. These allow for a power supply to be switched on and off. These units are a perfect fit for our dosing pumps which include a 12VDC power supply. These units can switch on and off the power from the power supply allowing for exact dosing pump control.
3/4/11 - We have moved our line of peristaltic dosing pumps out of the Growtronix labs. They are now available in a variety of output rates.

1/31/11 - We are now shipping hardware in our new custom enclosures! The main benefit to these besides having a sleeker look is that they have flanges to allow for wall mounting. 
11/10/10 - Work continues on the next release of the Growtronix software with tons of new features. Some of the major changes are Camera improvements including support for many more (possibly all) IP based cameras on the market, Camera pan/tilt support added, new Date Range condition, new Chart Builder utility. There have also been many small tweaks and performance enhancements. 

5/1/10  - We are developing an app for Android based devices such as Droid, Droid Incredible, Nexus One etc. UPDATE: We've ceased development of the Android app, instead we are improving the web service which allows ANY phone with internet access to interact with the system.

4/20/10 - Beta version 2.5 is now available for download. This version has the following changes:

  • Vista / Windows 7 Compatible
  • Layout improvements in client
  • Right clicking on a hardware item will give ability to change attributes about that specific hardware
  • Ability to change Font, Color and Size displayed by individual sensors
  • Change ON and OFF images displayed by relays and switches
  • Calibration offset for value based sensor. This allows you to add or subtract a value from a sensor reading allowing for a single point calibration. 
  • Cycle Timer now has a start date and time. The ON and OFF intervals are all calculated based on the start date and time. This allows for a greater ability to synchronize cycle timers with other items such as lights on and lights off. It's also extremely useful for non-24 hour days.
  • Fixed new switch module showing opposite state
  • Many other small changes
  • Please report any issues you may encounter or comments you may have. Another beta is in development and will be released shortly. 
10/29/09 - We have released version 2.42 of the Growtronix software.
7/16/09 - We have a new look! We've adopted a new logo and website layout. 
4/17/09 - The Growtronix hardware has undergone some improvements. No longer does the system utilize phone cables they now use RJ45 ethernet cables. These types of cables are widely available and provide the benefit of cat5 cable. Also since they are straight through cables there is no need to have a "network in" and "network out" each outlet can serve as either. Pictures will be updated shortly.
3/4/09 - All base systems will now include our new "Serial port adapter" design. We're renaming it to the "Growtronix Network Interface Module". This design is similar to the previous version but it is different in that the power adapter is integrated into the unit and while the previous version plugged directly into the serial port of the computer this version allow extending the serial port up to 100' (theoretically up to 300+'). The Growtronix network (and it's 100' limitation) begins at this point. Effectively allowing the Growtronix network to start a long distance from the computer. 
2/10/09 - We now offer a brand new type of soil / medium moisture sensor. This sensor uses a  unique patent pending technology that is impervious to the nutrient strength of the medium / soil being measured providing extremely accurate readings. We see this sensor bringing in a new method of precision growing all together. 
9/29/2008 - A new version of the Controllable Power Outlet unit is now available. The new version has a dual jack connector, which allows for easier daisy chaining of the hardware. 
We now offer custom cat-5 cables with RJ-11/RJ-12 connectors. Phone cables are now only recommended for use on very small networks. We offer pre-built cat-5 cables as well as bulk cable.

8/14/2008 - version 2.32 is now available for download. This version has the following changes:
  •  Added support for new controllable outlet circuit, the new design guarantees the unit powers up in the off state.
  •  Added support for new pH/TDS design. The new design uses a single IC as oppose to one for each pH and TDS. 
  •  Added a time stamp button in the Grow Journal, as requested by a user. This button pastes the current time into the notes
  •  Fixed Grow Journals chart being displayed the wrong size. 
  •  Grow Journal now calculates the current day by default
  •  Fixed display issues in client
6/19/2008 - V2.3beta is now available for download. This version has a TON of changes, improvements and new features. I'll try to list the major changes:
  • Rewrote the auto update code. Auto update is now much faster and has removed the possibility of it creating conflicts.
  • Changed "play wav sound file" action to "Play MP3 file" to play MP3's
  • When adding hardware the client now receives information if the hardware couldn't be added. 
  • Fixed possibility of client not showing added hardware to the display even though it was added to the server
  • Fixed dialogs showing up behind other windows
  • Changed Humidity panels layout should stay neatly laid out at various screen resolutions
  • Fixed MSVCR80.dll not found error which some systems received when browsing for files
  • Added STARTTLS support. You can now use Gmail, yahoo and other mail services that require TLS authentication
  • We updated from Java 1.4 to Java 1.6. Java 1.6 while 1.6 has many benefits it does have one major downfall and that is size of it has doubled. 
  • since Growtronix software embeds Java into the files they have doubled as well. This will have the effect of a longer startup time, however our test have shown that the software now runs using system resources much more efficiently. On our 2ghz test system GTServer uses on average 0-2% with a spike every so often.
  • We've redone the Software Update system. The new system is based more on notification of an update rather then an on the fly updater.
  • A new feature however is that if software auto-update is selected and hardware can't be authenticated, a current version is downloaded automatically.
  • Previously there would be times when binary sensors (door window, motion, flood etc) would flash to the readings counterpart for a split second during a refresh even though the sensor state really hadn't changed. (For example during a refresh a door sensor could be open but flash indicating closed for a split second) This has been resolved.
  • Better support for simultaneous connections
  • Room Support 
  • All around we're hoping this will be the best release of Growtronix yet. We've spent a tremendous amount of time taking care of the little things in an attempt to lessen the learning curve and make the software more intuitive. 
  • We will let this run as beta for a month or so. Then we will take care of the remaining items (such as getting the icons straight) and release it as a stable version. 
6/19/2008 - We've added a News page to the website : ) We will post information about software updates and new products on this page.
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