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Elevating CO2 levels in your growing area is an easy way to maximize your harvest. For plants CO2 is food. There is CO2 in the air that plants use but raising the levels makes your plants grow as quickly as their genetics will allow. Our CO2 Sensor reads levels between 0-5000 PPM. 

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The Growtronix CO2 Sensor has a range of 0-5000 PPM. Using the Growtronix CO2 sensor the system can control CO2 levels much better then any other controller because it's control is 100% customizable. It does all of the standard type of control, such as only adding CO2 during lights on and maintain the correct CO2 level. But it can do much more. Every growers situation is different and the Growtronix system allows for control of CO2 in a many different ways. For example you can setup the system so that CO2 is dispersed only when the Exhaust system is not running, and/or you can have the system shutdown the exhaust for a period of time while the CO2 is being released, or you can setup the system to pulse the exhaust during CO2 injection. And in all situations CO2 can be released only when the temperature levels allow for it, for example if it's a hot day and the exhaust fans are barely maintaining the temperature the system can be setup to not release CO2. With Growtronix the grower has full control of how the hardware in the growing area operates. You can control CO2 in other growing areas just by adding additional CO2 Sensors as needed. 




Measurement Method

Non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR)

Measurement Range

0-5000 PPM

Measurement Resolution


Measurement Accuracy

5% of reading or ±100ppm (whichever is greater)

Operating Temperature

0 to 50° C

Operating Humidity

0-95% RH (non condensing)

Network Current Usage

160 mA


Common Uses


Control CO2 Levels in Grow area - This is obviously the most common use of the CO2 sensor although using Growtronix as a CO2 controller has many benefits over the competition. You can setup the system to add CO2 to your desired level but only to your specifications. For example only when the lights are ON and only when the Exhaust system is not running.

CO2 Bottle Running Low or CO2 Generator not generating Alert - The system can be setup to send a text message when the CO2 is supposed to be rising but for whatever reason isn't. This is usually an indicator that the bottle is out of CO2 or the generator doesn't have fuel supply.