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Understanding Growtronix network power requirements

Published : 05/21/2019 14:06:24
Categories : Growtronix Specific

The Growtronix system can supports hundreds of sensors and controls. However special considerations should be taken when building a larger system. The Network Interface Module has two main functions. First it communicates between the software and the hardware. Second it provides the hardware with the power it needs to function. There is only so much current that can be provided due to the size of the wires in the cables. Each Network Interface Module can support 32 hardware items and provide 750mA of power to it's network. When building a system care must be taken to ensure that the hardware plugged into the Network Interface Module doesn't exceed 750mA. Different hardware types use different amounts of current (number of milliamps [mA]). The system can have up to 15 Add-on Network Interface Modules if the size of the facility and the desired sensors require it. Below is the add-on hardware that we provide and the mA current that it consumes.

Temperature Sensor 15 mA
Humidity & Temperature Sensor 15 mA
Float Level Sensor 15 mA
Flood/Leak Detector 15 mA
Door Sensor 15 mA
Motion Detector 1 5mA
Light Detector 15 mA
Power Outage Detector 15 mA
Smoke Detector 20 mA (40 mA in alarm state)
Voltage Sensor (0-5vdc) 15 mA (up to 100 mA provided at 5v output)
Soil Moisture Sensor 15 mA
Reservoir/Soil Temperature Sensor 15 mA
pH Sensor 45 mA
ORP Interface 45 mA
EC/TDS/Temperature Sensor 60 mA
Apogee PAR Interface 20 mA
Dosing Pump 25 mA
CO2 Sensor 160 mA
Controllable Outlets 15 mA + 40 mA for each outlet when turned on
Low Voltage Relay Module 15 mA + 40 mA for each output when turned on
International Controllable Outlets 15 mA + 40 mA for each outlet when turned on

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