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Controlling the nutrient solution is one of the most challenging and time consuming chores in an indoor garden. The Growtronix Conductivity/TDS and Temperature sensor makes it easy.

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Controlling the nutrient solution is one of the most challenging and time consuming chores in an indoor garden. The Growtronix Conductivity/TDS and Temperature sensor makes it easy. This sensor will grab readings for TDS/EC and Temperature regularly and store the readings to the database. This data is a gold mine for a serious grower. First a bit of information about conductivity/TDS readings. Pure water is essentially non-conductive. You could sit in a bath of pure water and throw a toaster in and you wouldn't get shocked to death. However if you added some salt (or used tap water that contains salts) you'd be in for quite the shock. Plant nutrients are essentially different types of salt. The more nutrient salts in the solution the more conductive it is. Conductivity and TDS sensors measure how conductive water is and that tells us how strong the nutrient solutions are. If your nutrient solution is too weak the readings will drop over a couple of days after changing the nutrients. This is an indication that the nutrients are not strong enough. On the flip side if the nutrients rise it's a sign that the nutrient are too strong or there is excessive evaporation of the water in the nutrient solution making it more concentrated. This is the information growers need to make informed decisions. The only way without Growtronix to get an idea of what the nutrients are doing over a few days or weeks is to take a few readings daily and write them down. This is a tedious task and usually only done by the most dedicated (and successful) growers. With Growtronix it's easy to create a chart which will show you exactly how the nutrient solution is behaving. But this is only the very beginning. With Growtronix you can setup a schedule to control what nutrient strength the system maintains from week to week (or day to day if desired). The system can be setup to dose exact ratios of up to 8 nutrient parts to maintain the desired EC/PPM readings. The system can both make up nutrient from scratch and/or be setup to maintain nutrient strength. 

The temperature sensor is displayed as it's own reading which can be charted and it's readings can be used in the controls. Maintain the perfect temperature in your reservoir by having the Growtronix system control the reservoir heater and/or chiller. This is often an overlooked aspect in a hydroponic system. Failure to maintain the reservoir temperature is a common cause of a low quality harvest that has a low yield. If the nutrient solution is too warm it will create a situation where pathogens will gain a foothold and raise havoc. Too cold and the metabolic rate of the plants will be reduced resulting in slower growth. The trick is to keep it in the "goldilocks zone". Not too hot and not too cold. Proper control leads to increase quality and yields. The Growtronix system can take this a step further. You can vary the day and night temperature that is maintained. Some research has indicated 1-2 degree increase in reservoir temperature during the dark/night cycle leads to increased metabolic rate that increases yield. By lowering the temperature during lights on the plants can thrive even when ambient temperature are high plus you have the benefit of higher dissolved oxygen levels in colder reservoirs. 

TDS Scale0-2000 PPM
EC Scale0-4.00 mS/cm2 
Resolution5 PPM ; .01 mS/cm2
Accuracy3% F.S 
Network Current Usage60 mA


Temperature Sensor 
Temperature Range-17° - 48°C / 0° - 120°F 
Accuracy± 1.5°C
Resolution 0.1°C

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